Lancashire Gathering

The February Gathering of Polar Bears & Penguins will be at Capernwray Dive Centre in Lancashire on Saturday February 12th from 2PM to 4PM.

Jackdaw Quarry, Capernwray Rd, Carnforth LA6 1AD

Capernwray has a lake with fabulous clear water and also has facilities for changing etc and a cafe.

I know you like a bit of bling so there will be a medal and badges for everyone who takes part.

To enter you need to go to the Capernwray website here CAPERNWRAY and book in either as a member for £6 or for a day pass at £10. That will entitle you to swim and to use all the facilities - we won’t have exclusive use of the centre but it is a chance to get together with other Polar Bears & Penguins and have a ( very chilly ) swim.

See you there 🙂   EVENT INFO

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