November Lockdown Rules 2020

Looking on the positive side Lockdown won’t last forever and at some point we’ll be released back into the wild - March will come and between now and then we can still get cold and wet to deserve our goody bags but may need to think ‘ outside the box’.

It's clear that most people’s swimming  will be hindered or curtailed in many regions to a greater or lesser extent so there's some fluidity for November.

The rules for November are -

  1. if you are able to swim safely within the rules then that’s great - carry on and share your pics so we can enjoy vicariously.
  2. If you can’t swim safely within the rules then you still need to keep your cold acclimatization up so that when you do get back to swimming it’s not too much of a shock. For all levels the two mandatory swims a month can be replaced by two ‘ Chilly Challenges ’ - this is the ‘outside the box’ stuff !!

You can choose your own ‘ Chilly Challenge ‘  - for example ….

  • If you’ve got an outside pool you can swim in then 5 minutes of swimming counts as 250 metres and 4 minutes counts as 200 metres.
  • Ice Bucket Challenge - one bucket of ice and water will do.
  • Hosepipes, cold baths and cold showers will count - must be at least one minute of soaking. If you’ve got an outside pool / barrel / bucket / trough / bin etc that you can’t swim in but you can immerse in then this falls into this category. 

This list isn’t exhaustive and I’m sure folk will think up and suggest some more dastardly ideas and you can keep us entertained with your exploits on the facebook group.


  1. Gold - total distance reduced to 4000 metres ( from 5000 )
  2. Arctic - no distance required for November - 3000 metres a month starting in December
  3. Jedi - no distance required for November - 3000 metres a month starting in December - you only have to complete 8 ( any 8 in any order ) of the specified swims.


The Polar Bear & Penguin Challenges are just for fun and I know that you’re a great community of cold water swimmers so we’ll support and encourage each other in person and online over the next few weeks so that we can all find our way through this and get our herd and flock of Polar Bears and Penguins over the finish line in March.

Link to Facebook Group