Rule Changes 2022/23

1. If you need a ‘pass’ for one CALENDAR month you may play your Joker. You may play the Joker only ONCE during the Challenge to cover any acute situation - it will give you a Pass for one Calendar month so you do not need to complete any of your swims.

2. For NOVEMBER ONLY - If you complete a higher level than that which you entered then you will be raised to that level. You will subsequently drop levels accordingly in the future months if needs be but this gives you a chance to check your boundaries. NB This rule does not apply to Jedi / Ninja / Apprentice levels

3.Jedi / Ninja - Digital thermometers are recommended but you may use  mercury thermometers instead ( or a combination of digital and mercury ) as long as they both clearly show the temperature is BELOW the required specification.

4. Extreme Penguins are those completing the Penguin Challenge who wear a covering on their extremities ONLY ( in addition to a one or two piece standard swimsuit as per Polar Bear rules ) - To clarify - that is hands, feet and anything on the head. They will be recognised on the swim lists and on their certificates as an Extreme Penguin.

Enter as a standard penguin and you will be updated and recognised when the swim lists are published after November's swims have been recorded.

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