Spring Swim Challenge - starts Saturday 28 March.


We’re going to try and swim around Great Britain and join up the swimming groups along the way.

Starting at Plymouth where the Devon & Cornwall Wild Swimming - Tinside Crew are based we’ll head out and turn right to go over to Cawsand - 6K away - where there are some lovely Polar Bear swimmers and then carry on down the South Coast of Cornwall …..


If you can swim from your doorstep then that’s great but if you’re landlocked then you can go ‘Sofa Swimming’ - the rules are…….

Support yourself on something so that your shoulders and knees are off the ground - then swim!!

For every 30 seconds that you swim that’s 50 metres to count towards the total .


If you can get outside to do your sofa swim then all the better and if you have someone with you who can ‘accessorize’ then even more fun !!

This is open to all swimming groups everywhere and you can swim as an individual or send in a team total and there’s a form you can send in to record your distance which I’ll update every day or two ….