Check In Forms

Check in forms will remain open for 2 weeks until the middle of the month after the month you are verifying. If I do not receive your check in by then I will assume that you have dropped out of the challenge.   E.g. if you do not check in for November by mid December I will assume you have dropped out.

POLAR BEAR - normal swimsuit without any thermal properties and does not extend over the shoulders or beyond the knees, single silicone swimhat and goggles that do not cover the nostrils ONLY - no gloves, shoes, boots or anything else.

POLAR BEARS check in here POLAR BEAR Check In Forms

EXTREME PENGUINS -  Anything on head, feet and hands but other than that just a normal swimsuit that does not extend over the shoulders or beyond the knees - nothing with thermal or neoprene properties

PENGUINS - Anything goes - no clothing rules

ALL PENGUINS check in here PENGUIN check in forms

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