How it works…….

How it works - enter the Challenge by choosing your Challenge level and registering with EventBrite.

Info on the Challenge levels is here Polar Bear & Penguin Challenge Levels

Swim the swims relevant to your chosen level in your own time but make sure that you complete all the required swims and distances each month.

At the end of each month an online check in form will be emailed to you to complete and return confirming that you have completed that month's swims. The forms will remain open for 2 weeks after which time I will presume you have dropped out of the challenge if I haven't heard from you.

For NOVEMBER ONLY - If you complete a higher level than that which you entered then you will be raised to that level. You will subsequently drop levels accordingly in the future months if needs be but this gives you a chance to check your boundaries.

If you have entered the Penguin Challenge then the November check in form will ask you to confirm if you are an Extreme Penguin or standard.

After November ( if you are finding it tough ) you may only go down through the challenge levels or swap from Polar Bear to Penguin or from Extreme Penguin to Standard Penguin.

Every swimmer has a JOKER which they may play only once to give a pass for that month's swims if required for any reason. Info HERE

A swim log is a available  HERE  that you can print off if you wish to keep track of where you are.

You do not need to provide any evidence of your swims other than for the Jedi or Ninja or Apprentice swims at 7.00 degrees or less in which case a photograph of two thermometers recording the temperature needs to be submitted.

IMPORTANT - If you are considering entering the Jedi, Ninja or Apprentice levels please read the additional info HERE

You'll receive regular weekly emails from MamaBear ( Pauline Barker MBE )with hints and tips - especially in the run up to the start of the Challenge - and I'm always here to give advice should you need it.

There's also a facebook group so you can join in with the other Polar Bear & Penguin swimmers and share pics and stories and get information.

When you have confirmed that you have completed your swims for that month you will appear on the 'swim list' published on this website so you can see how you and your fellow swimmers are getting on. Names on the swim list are abbreviated to give some online anonymity.

When your final March swim is done you will receive a sew on badge and a certificate and a medal.

Link to Facebook Group