Rule changes 2024/25

  1. Swimwear must not be fully lined although lining in the bust or brief area for modesty and support is permitted.
  2. No swim accessories such as fins, snorkels or hand paddles may be used - all swims must be unassisted by accessories although if you have a medical condition that requires you to wear a support or use a float then that may be allowed as long as it gives you no undue assistance and you must have the use of the equipment pre approved by MamaBear.
  3. Jedi / Ninja Temperature evidence - If swimming at a venue where the water temperature is posted on a board or social media you will still need to provide your own evidence of at least one themometer in the water at the time of your swim as well as evidence of the temperature recorded by the venue.
  4. Age Limits to enter   * CLASSIC - Open to all   *SILVER, GOLD, (ANT)ARCTIC - OVER 16 as at December 31st of the current season, JEDI / NINJA / APPRENTICE - OVER 18 as at December 31st of the current season
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